EPA SmartWay

Great Dane, as a key partner of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's SmartWay Transport Partnership, has helped develop performance specifications for new and existing trailers that achieve greater fuel efficiency. Now, customers committed to measuring and improving the efficiency of their freight operations can adopt a range of trailer systems and components that can help to significantly lower emissions and reduce fuel consumption.

Options in the EPA-Certified SmartWay Trailer Spec are available on 53-foot or longer dry freight vans, and the base trailer model must be equipped and/or retrofit with the following:

Aerodynamic Trailer Side Skirts: Designed to smooth air flow and reduce cross-flow along and below the side edges of the trailer, side skirt fairings must be constructed of rigid or semi-rigid material that is impact-resistant and lightweight. Specified for permanent installation, side skirts should not interfere with visibility of lights or with the operation of brakes, landing gear, and other trailer functions. For applications based upon testing, side skirts provide a fuel savings of at least 4 percent.

Front and/or Rear Mount Gap Fairing: Designed to smooth air flow around exposed top and side edges of the trailer and reduce tractor-trailer gap, front fairings should not interfere with the turning swing radius of the trailer, consistent with DOT rules. Fairings should be constructed of rigid or semi-rigid material that is impact-resistant and lightweight, and should be permanently installed. For applications based upon testing, front fairings provide at least a 1 percent fuel savings.

Aluminum Wheels: Add to weight savings and contribute to fuel economy.

Lightweight Materials: New trailers can achieve greater weight savings by using aluminum, composite, and/or other lightweight components.

Low-Rolling Resistance Tires: Duals or singles mounted on aluminum wheels provide a 3 percent fuel economy benefit, relative to mid-range rolling resistance tires as defined by EPA. Certain manufacturers and tire models qualify.

For further information about the specific technologies that have been verified by the SmartWay program, contact the SmartWay Partnership Program's website or email

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